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Golf course renovations

Over the course of time and given the limitations surrounding the use of herbicides, golf courses typically accumulate weeds, and lose their homogeneity as well as playability. This scenario, as well as causing aesthetic losses, results in problems for managing the maintenance of golf courses, and their irrigation, etc.

One of the most successful activities developed by acttua Golf Services in recent years has been the evaluation of the levels of infestation at golf courses, studying the options for controlling and/or cleaning up the weeds that infest facilities and the study of the different alternatives that exist for the conversion or renovation of the grass coverage of a golf course.

These processes are often complicated due to the possibility of regrowth by the opportunistic bad weeds, the harm they cause, the need to close courses etc., which is why they must be evaluated thoroughly before starting any kind of renovation work.

Acttua Golf Services’s process for making recommendations in this regard typically involves the following steps:


Identifying the existing weeds, as well as the degree of infestation in each area of a golf course.


Searching for alternatives for controlling the weeds based on combining treatments.


Performing estimates and measurements based on existing cartographic information.


Studying the alternatives and selecting the appropriate plant material, both in terms of the species, as well as the variety from those available in the market.


Preparing recommendations for sterilising the surface, the required days of closure, financial cost, etc.


In collaboration with leading turf manufacturers and seed distributors, we have developed and adapted different methods of renovation for sports facilities, in such as way that we are now able to select the best solutions in each case, combining the different components to be taken into account for this kind of work at the same time (timeframe, logistics, budget, time of year, etc.).


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