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Golf La Moraleja. Mozanaque, Campo 3 (Madrid)

This golf course represents a milestone in the design, construction and maintenance of golf courses in Spain, due to the quality of its facilities. The project was designed by Jack Nicklaus and constructed in its entirety by acttua Golf Services, from its design through to its launch as an operational golf course.

The main functions undertaken by acttua Golf Services for this project included:

  • Drafting the Construction Plans for the Complex;
  • Preparing and processing the tender, as well as advising the owner during the process to award the various jobs;
  • Technical and agronomic management of the project;
  • The design of the maintenance warehouse and of the components adjoining the golf course;
  • The topographical monitoring of the construction work;
  • Financial control of the construction work.

Although the construction work has been completed and the golf course is now operational, acttua Golf Services is still involved in this project as the Technical Advisor.